Biomit Terra

Soil conditioner

Soil conditioner and natural dissolved humus with soil bacteria and humic acid.

Biomit Terra soil conditioning soil bacteria fertiliser is a dissolved, oxygenated and nourished worm castings extract that contains all the bacterial strains, micro- and macro-organisms that secures natural soil life and does not contain any other non-natural additives.

Principles of Biomit technology:

  • It perfectly fits in with the eco-friendly approach
  • A complex product to use in any crop production
  • Can be used by anyone without special professional knowledge
  • It is built on the ingredients of nature
  • Can be combined and formed with other technologies

Advantages of Biomit Terra:

  • Secures natural soil life
  • Improves water retention capacity of plant and soil
  • Kills harmful bacteria and breaks down chemical residues
  • Results in stronger roots and higher yields

By using popular coconut-based soil substitutions, neither water, nor nutrients can be properly delivered to the plant, only by overwatering and overfeeding, resulting in deficiency symptoms and diseases, which are treated with disproportionate use of chemicals. Biomit Terra soil conditioner restores soil life, allowing plants to return to their natural nutrient environment instead of being planted in coconut fiber – the soil.

Natural, non-cultured bacteria in the soil solve the tasks nature entrusted to them, utilise nutrients, speed up decomposition processes, and propagate in the meantime. They play an important role in the development of the mycorrhizal network, which greatly influences the nutrition of the plant. Due to this and the effect of human matter, the root zone will be much larger and more water-retaining. They destroy harmful bacteria, degrade chemical residues, fix nitrogen and bind to the water. Through a bond with the carbon chains of humic acid, they break, fix, transfer and utilise the nitrogen and phosphorus-calcium bonds, and help to form the diffusion network in the grown root zone. The effect of Biomit Terra against drought is unique: water demand of the plants and the soil decreases, while water retention capacity improves. Yield and nutritional values such as weight, taste, aroma and shelf life also increase.

By using Biomit Terra in combination with Biomit and Biomit Genesis, fertilizer- and chemical-free agriculture can finally be achieved.

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