Biomit Genesis

Humic acid

Highly concentrated humic acid.

The biologically active humic acids belong to the family of humic substances. The humic acid concentrate is extracted from young carbons by using a proprietary technology. Humic acid molecules are thousands of years old, work as a natural catalyst in the soil, and play a key role in enhancing production power of the soil and healthy development of plants.

Principles of Biomit technology:

  • It perfectly fits in with the eco-friendly approach
  • A complex product to use in any crop production
  • Can be used by anyone without special professional knowledge
  • It is built on the ingredients of nature
  • Can be combined and formed with other technologies

Advantages of Biomit Genesis:

  • Drought tolerance of the soil increases
  • Soil life can be restored
  • Nutrients become absorbable

Without the presence of humic acid, though all micro- and mesoelements may be present in the soil – in inappropriate bonds –, they cannot be utilised. Humic acid makes it possible for the plant to absorb nutrients that are naturally present in the soil or applied with manure and fertilizers. It prevents rainwater from washing nutrients out of the topsoil as it creates an aquifer in the root zone. Humic acid helps the soil to retain water, enhances the restoration of soil life, and promotes the absorption of nutrients not dissolved in the soil. It results in a minimum 20-50% increase in yield, high content improvement, longer shelf life, and higher stress and drought tolerance at both soil and plant level.

The biologically active humic acids contain at least 70 types of different minerals in an absorbable, bioavailable form. Humic acid is 100% organic, soil-restoring, bee-friendly and harmless to living organisms. The water solubility of the product is proprietary; its concentration is min. 60% pure organic humin.

1. Drought tolerance of the soil increases

The humic acid molecules form an infinite carbon-oxygen chain in the soil, thereby creating a water-retaining layer, preventing precipitation from suddenly flowing into the deeper layers. Humic acid increases the size of the roots, making the plant more drought tolerant. Due to the stronger and larger roots, more organic matter remains in the soil after harvest, so the use of manure or fertilizer can be significantly reduced.

2. Soil life can be restored

Humic acid is a catalyst for the propagation of bacteria in the soil. The concentrate does not contain living organisms and is not sensitive to sunlight. Cell division time of bacteria can be reduced by up to a tenth, so soil ecosystem can regenerate itself as a natural process in a short time, without chemicals.

3. Nutrients become absorbable

The molecule of humic acid, as the strongest chelating agent, transforms the chemical bonds in the soil, which are present in a form that cannot be absorbed by the plant, thus forming a bridge, making it possible for the plant to use the substances introduced by manure or fertilizers over the decades. With the help of this humin bridge, nutrients become absorbable, resulting in uniquely strong and high-yielding plants in a completely natural way.

Biomit Genesis humic acid can be used in any plant culture, and in combination with Biomit and Biomit Terra, fertilizer- and chemical-free agriculture can be achieved.

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