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Biomit® products and grow technology are designed to offer a natural, environmentally friendly, innovative crop production alternative to intensive chemicalization in hope of a greener and more sustainable future.




Built on nature, serving nature.

Plants have existed long before mankind and will always exist in the future.

We have developed Biomit® products and grow technology based on this approach, which can be applied in several stages, maximally in the spirit of environmental awareness.

Learn about the main advantages of Biomit products


Suitable for any kind of plants

The guidelines for development were provided by the basic physiological function of plants, so Biomit can be applied to all plant species and varieties.


Available to anyone

The products and technology are available to anyone and do not require any special professional experience.


Environmentally friendly

If used consciously, it cannot be harmful neither to humans nor to the environment.


Quality crops

The results expected based on the work invested point in the direction of quantitative and especially healthy qualitative crops.

Renewal instead of exploitation

Decades of intensive crop production, applied plant protection and nutrient management practices have now reached the final limits of their applicability. Today, it’s no longer enough just to talk about maintaining a healthy life, a livable environment and a future for it.

It’s not enough to replace one active ingredient to make cultivation work effectively again – we need a complete revival. Just as we did in the Biomit® crop production system.

Biomit® technology is a tangible, easy-to-apply, green technology that provides an alternative solution with a wealth of natural ingredients that have long been used in crop production.

Biomit products


Plant conditioner, natural foliar fertiliser.
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100% organic product

Biomit Terra

Soil conditioner and restoration agent.
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100% organic product

Biomit Genesis

Highly concentrated humic acid.
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100% organic product

Biomit technology

Biomit® products in practice

With a view to plants, two areas need to be observed regarding crop production: the root zone, i.e. the soil, and the parts of plants above the ground.

The most important thing is to keep these two areas in balance and create livable, stress-free conditions for the crops we grow.

In the soil

The existence, networking and functioning of soil life is crucial for successful crop production. It’s not enough to plant just a few components – all of them are needed for the expected effects to materialise.

Biomit® technology makes water management and intense utilisation of nutrients efficient by transplanting soil life in earthworm castings, and forms a symbiotic network with the flora while inhibiting the accumulation of pathogenic organisms.

Above the ground

Stress effects on crops are continuous, which negatively affect the economic indicators of cultivation. In order to deal with the constant presence of natural, anthropogenic, biotic and other stressors, the nutrient supply, water management and all vital functions of plants must be in balance.

Biomit® plant conditioner’s special mechanism of action makes it possible to develop a supplementary, multifunctional nutrient supply on the leaf surface.


Biomit is a pioneering technology-driven solution designed to revolutionise agricultural practices. It distinguishes itself from traditional methods through its commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency. Biomit harnesses nature’s wisdom and innovation to promote eco-conscious farming, reducing reliance on intensive chemicalisation and minimising the environmental footprint of agriculture. It offers a greener, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly approach to crop production that aligns harmoniously with the principles of nature.

Biomit’s versatility is one of its standout features. Grounded in the fundamental physiological functions of plants, it can be applied to a wide array of crop species and varieties, spanning diverse agricultural environments. Whether in traditional farmlands, urban spaces, or remote rural areas, Biomit’s adaptability ensures that it can cater to the specific needs of a wide range of agricultural settings, fostering sustainable growth and yield enhancement.

Indeed, Biomit’s technology is designed to transcend geographical and infrastructural disparities. It is accessible to both developed and developing nations, irrespective of their existing agricultural infrastructure. In fact, Biomit’s user-friendly approach ensures that it can be integrated into existing systems or serve as a foundation for innovative agricultural initiatives. Its inherent adaptability allows it to contribute to sustainable agriculture, regardless of the nation’s stage of development, thus fostering equitable growth in food production worldwide.

Biomit’s core mission is to restore ecological balance and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Through its innovative approach, it combats soil degradation by transplanting vital soil life through earthworm humus, fostering a healthy and resilient ecosystem beneath the surface. This not only revitalises soil health but also inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic organisms, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. Furthermore, Biomit champions eco-conscious farming by significantly reducing chemical inputs, which aids in mitigating the adverse environmental effects associated with intensive chemicalisation in traditional agriculture.

Biomit’s efficacy is underpinned by a robust body of scientific research and compelling case studies. Numerous trials and studies have demonstrated its positive impact on crop yields and quality. These investigations consistently reveal that Biomit technology enhances plant growth, increases crop yields, and improves the nutritional content of produce. These findings are not only scientifically validated but also resonate with real-world success stories, illustrating the tangible benefits that Biomit brings to farmers and communities across the globe.

Biomit places a paramount emphasis on safety, both for human health and the environment. Rigorous testing and quality control procedures ensure that Biomit products meet the highest safety standards. When used consciously and in accordance with recommended guidelines, Biomit is not harmful to humans, animals, or the environment. Its commitment to eco-friendly practices extends to its products, which are designed to complement sustainable agricultural systems, fostering a healthier and more harmonious relationship between agriculture and nature.

Biomit’s contribution to sustainable agriculture is multi-faceted. By promoting soil health and reducing the need for chemical inputs, it fosters a more sustainable and eco-conscious farming ecosystem. Additionally, Biomit’s technology enhances water management, ensuring efficient water use in agriculture—a crucial element in building resilience against climate change-induced water scarcity. Moreover, its adaptability and capacity to thrive in diverse climates make it a valuable tool in climate-resilient agricultural practices, helping communities adapt to changing weather patterns and ensure food security in an unpredictable climate.

Biomit’s flexibility is a key asset; it can seamlessly integrate into existing agricultural systems, reducing the need for a complete overhaul of practices. Its technology is designed to complement and enhance traditional farming methods, making it accessible and adaptable for farmers who wish to transition gradually to more sustainable practices. Biomit can be implemented incrementally, allowing for a smooth transition to eco-conscious farming while preserving the knowledge and experience of farmers.

Biomit’s innovative technology significantly contributes to water efficiency and conservation in agriculture. By enhancing nutrient uptake in plants and improving soil structure, it reduces water wastage. Furthermore, its focus on sustainable water management ensures that resources are used efficiently, making it a valuable ally in regions prone to water scarcity. Biomit’s commitment to water conservation aligns with the broader goal of safeguarding this precious resource for future generations.

Biomit recognises the critical importance of addressing gender disparities in agriculture and is committed to promoting gender equity. Its technology is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, irrespective of gender. Additionally, Biomit actively engages with local communities and organisations to ensure that women’s participation is encouraged and supported at all stages of agricultural production. By fostering gender-inclusive practices, Biomit strives to empower women in agriculture, promoting economic and social equity.

Biomit places a strong emphasis on capacity building and knowledge transfer. It offers comprehensive training programs designed to equip farmers and local communities with the skills and understanding needed to implement Biomit technology effectively. These programs include hands-on training, workshops, and educational resources. The goal is to empower communities to harness the full potential of Biomit’s technologies, fostering self-reliance and sustainable agricultural practices.

Biomit’s technology is designed to be not only environmentally sustainable but also economically viable. It offers a compelling return on investment for farmers and agricultural communities. While the initial implementation may involve some adjustments, the long-term benefits, including increased crop yields, improved crop quality, and reduced input costs, make it a cost-effective choice for sustainable agriculture. The return on investment extends beyond financial gains, encompassing ecological and societal benefits as well.

Biomit’s technology is inherently aligned with the goals of food security and improved access to nutritious food. By increasing crop yields and improving crop quality, it directly contributes to bolstering food security, ensuring a more stable and abundant food supply. Its adaptability and suitability for diverse environments make it a valuable tool in addressing the specific needs of vulnerable populations, including those in remote or underserved areas. Biomit’s mission is inherently linked to improving food security and ensuring equitable access to nourishing sustenance.

Biomit actively seeks collaboration with governments, NGOs, and international organisations to scale its impact. It recognises that addressing food poverty and sustainable agriculture requires a collective effort. Biomit has established partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders to leverage its technology effectively. These collaborations aim to integrate Biomit’s solutions into broader agricultural programs and policies, harnessing its potential to drive positive change on a global scale.

Environmental responsibility is at the core of Biomit’s approach. Stringent quality control measures and guidelines are in place to ensure that Biomit’s technology does not lead to soil or water pollution. By reducing chemical inputs and promoting soil health, Biomit actively contributes to reducing the risk of soil and water contamination. Its environmentally friendly practices align with the broader goal of preserving natural resources and safeguarding ecosystems.

Yes, Biomit is equipped to address pest and disease challenges without relying on chemical pesticides. Its technology fosters robust plant health and soil vitality, which enhances the natural resilience of crops against pests and diseases. By creating a healthier ecosystem, Biomit reduces the vulnerability of crops to infestations and infections, minimising the need for chemical interventions. This approach aligns with the principles of integrated pest management, promoting a balanced and sustainable approach to pest and disease control.

Biomit’s adaptability extends to diverse climate zones and changing weather patterns. Its technology is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. Additionally, Biomit’s capacity to enhance water management contributes to climate resilience by enabling crops to withstand fluctuations in water availability. The technology’s adaptability is a key asset in ensuring agricultural sustainability in the face of climate change-induced challenges.

Community engagement is central to Biomit’s approach. It actively involves local communities in the design and implementation of sustainable agriculture initiatives. This participatory approach ensures that the unique needs, knowledge, and perspectives of communities are considered. Biomit collaborates closely with local organisations and leaders to foster ownership and empower communities to drive sustainable agriculture initiatives, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for their success.

Indeed, Biomit has a track record of success stories and impactful case studies that demonstrate its ability to improve food production and reduce food poverty. These stories highlight tangible results, including increased crop yields, improved crop quality, and enhanced food security for communities. Biomit’s technology has brought about transformative changes in various agricultural settings, underscoring its potential to make a positive and lasting impact on food poverty reduction.

Governments and NGOs interested in collaborating with Biomit can initiate partnerships by reaching out to our dedicated team. Biomit welcomes collaborations that align with its mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing food poverty. The integration of Biomit’s technology into agricultural programs and policies can be tailored to specific contexts and objectives. Our team works closely with partners to ensure seamless implementation, providing guidance, training, and support to maximise the impact of Biomit’s technology within broader agricultural initiatives. Together, we can work towards achieving shared goals of sustainability, food security, and equitable access to nutritious food.

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