Plant conditioner

Biomit World’s plant conditioner is the flagship of our system.

It’s a 100% organic, own-produced Hungarian product that does not contain any chemicals. Its proper use in the system of Biomit World makes it possible to develop 100% organic agriculture and achieve substantial increase in content and yield, even with minor application of Biomit.

Principles of Biomit technology:

  • It perfectly fits in with the eco-friendly approach
  • A complex product to use in any crop production
  • Can be used by anyone without special professional knowledge
  • It is built on the ingredients of nature
  • Can be combined and formed with other technologies

Advantages of Biomit:

  • Substantial increase in yield
  • Premium quality crops (in taste, content, shelf life, etc.)
  • Chemical-free crops
  • More disease-resistant plants
  • Higher market value, easier sales

What is Biomit and how does it work?

Biomit is a suspension based on 5–20-micron dolomite particles.

Biomit contains all the vital micro- and mesoelements for plant development in their natural state and in the required quantity. Biomit doesn’t contain (or only very little amount of) nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but it does contain all other critical elements in sufficient quantities, so it doesn’t burn or scorch, can be sprayed any time, and can be mixed with other formulations (though we suggest making a miscibility test).

No special education is required to apply the technology: anybody can use it, as the product can’t harm neither themselves, nor their environment. Built on nature, serving nature.

As a contact material, a huge advantage of Biomit is that when sprayed on the leaves, spread evenly and steadily adhering to the plant, it creates a permanent, homogeneous standby nutrient supply that rain or other treatments cannot wash away. “We place additional fuel tanks for the engines in the leaves.” – that is how we ensure their continuous operation.

Biomit also greatly contributes to strengthening the drought tolerance of the plant. In addition to ensuring nutrient supply, the coating also provides protection against sunburn, reduces heat stress (transpiration decreases), provides partial protection against animal pests, as it contains lots of odours that have strong repellency, and takes up space from certain invasive pathogenic fungi and spores, and its copper and sulphur content prevents their proliferation. Animals and insects don’t consume the leaves to which stones (dolomite pieces) are adhered, while dolomite is an important natural source of nutrients for plants due to its calcium and magnesium content.

How to apply Biomit plant conditioner?

The point of Biomit technology is to ensure that during the development and growth of the plant, it is constantly prepared to detect various stress effects and responds quickly.

The technology to apply is always tailored to the given plant and its environment.

Frequency of spraying and occasional volume of Biomit should be adjusted to the intensity of vegetative growth of the particular plant, so the coating is applied to every leaf if possible. Biomit cannot be overdosed, because even if multiple volume of the recommended dose is applied, the plant only absorbs the amount it needs, the rest will remain on the leaf surface.

Foliar fertilisation (micro- and mesoelement supply) must occur several times.

Important events happen during the development of the plant (e.g., fruit bud differentiation, fruit binding, cane ripening, etc.) and if the overall nutrient supply is unsatisfactory then, these processes don’t take place at the appropriate level and the crop doesn’t reach its genetic potential (the optimum). Fertilising one or two times is therefore not sufficient to achieve the above goals.

Foliar or spray fertilisation also plays a key role because even a small amount can be economically applied directly to the metabolic site and antagonisms between elements can be avoided by its use.

Regular use of Biomit plant conditioning foliar fertiliser can lead to more efficient, profitable production of crops, as it allows the best possible utilisation of the genetic potential (performance) of a given plant variety, which, among other things, improves the quality and quantity of the crop, and requires less pesticides and treatments.

One of our main goals in production is to achieve freedom from chemical residues and heavy metals, and with Biomit, the use of substances that are less harmful to the environment can finally take the lead.

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